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Access your medical records anytime, anywhere.

My Medical Records is an electronic patient records management platform that empowers patients to upload,
access, store and share their medical records with any physician worldwide.



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Why My Medical Records?


Manage all your medical records online safely and easily on our platform where you can upload, organise, and share records instantly from any smart device.


Stay in control of your health records and those of your family members and avoid the loss or damage of traditional hard copies and the need to repeat expensive medical tests.

Accurate treatment

Help your physician to deliver the best medical care for you by having direct access to your historical records without delay.

Money saving

Save your money and time without the need to repeat expensive medical tests and imaging when you have all past medical records organised in one place.

What makes my medical records special?

Worldwide access
Our platform is available and accessible to patients, physicians, hospitals, and clinics worldwide.
Flexible design
Physicians can review patients’ health records on our online platform instantly through a link patients send to them from our platform.
Radiology images integration
Our platform is fully integrated with the Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine (DICOM) viewer to view MRIs, X-rays, and CT scans to ensure all your medical images, prescriptions and reports are stored under one roof.
Access to family medical records
With our family membership, all family members have their medical records in one place available online 24 hours a day, accessible anytime, anywhere in the world.

My Medical Records management software is HIPAA compliant!

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Our platform - My Medical Records - is proud to be HIPAA Compliant. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act that became a law in 1996.
We strictly adhere to all their policies and guidelines to ensure the best-in-class facility and top-notch security to the users.

Client testimonials - patients


Muhammad Elkateb, London, UK.

I subscribed to My Medical Records in order to get access and support for my past and current medical records. I needed a safe place to store and access my medical records anytime, and from anywhere. But what surprised me the most is that the medical records management on this platform enabled me to even share my records with my doctors just by sending a link to them. It is so easy that I didn’t even have to look for any tutorials to learn how to use the platform. I can completely trust this platform, mainly because I opted for their full-encryption subscription plan.


Nancy Merant, New Jersey, USA.

After misplacing my medical records several times, things got really hectic. The formalities and the paperwork involved in retrieving those records were an absolute nightmare. That’s when My Medical Records was really handy. One of my friends recommended this platform, and I am glad he did. With this cloud-based platform, I do not need to carry my imaging and other medical records every time I visit the doctor. Things have become really safe, smooth, and streamlined ever since. Great platform, indeed!

Client testimonials - physicians


-Dr. Suzanne D’Souza, Kerala, India

I wanted to adopt an electronic patient record system for my health clinic that could assist me in delivering a better diagnosis. That’s when I got a referral to the platform - My Medical Records - from one of my colleagues. This platform uses a cloud-first approach and agile methodology, which benefited me. It allowed me to access and view my patient’s medical records online anytime I wanted. From their x-rays and MRIs to their past prescriptions and records, I can view them, analyze them, and send back the latest reports and insights to the patients.


-Dr. Kenny Johnson, Los Angeles

I am a full-time medical practitioner and I see patients record management system for my patients at several hospitals that I work in as well as my clinic. It became difficult for me to cope with all the urgent cases at once. To reduce some of my workload, I planned to offer diagnoses online. Well, why not? It will save time for both me and my patients. That’s when I subscribed to My Medical Records, patient management software, and advised my patients to do so. For every consultation in terms of report evaluation and analysis, I ask them to send all the records over to my account . After evaluation, I tell them what to do next. It really streamlined my mode of work.