Online Electronic Medical Records


My Medical Record’s mission is to provide patients with the power to own, share and un-share their medical records with any medical practitioner around the globe.

It’s the patient’s right to own their medical records that they paid for. Hospitals, clinics, and medical institutions often sell patients’ medical records without their permission and/or approval. We protect patients from this misuse by giving them complete control of their own medical records.

We empower medical practitioners with a complete set of patients’ medical records. An inaccurate diagnosis is often the outcome of the lack of previous medical records.

We facilitate better-informed and more efficient clinical decisions, reduce unnecessary duplication of medical tests, examinations and procedures and more importantly reduce the risk of medical error for the benefit of our patients.

Are you looking for the best electronic medical records software that can help you and your patients to pull out the information quickly and conveniently? We provide advanced and easy-to-use online electronic medical records, the best end-to-end integrated solution for hospitals, along with the patients.

Get electronic medical records facility enables hospitals to check the reports whenever they need as well as it has made it easy for your clients to contact you and access important information about their treatment. We provide one of the best electronic medical record systems – complete integrated comprehensive solutions, well designed to manage the patients’ end-to-end journey. Additionally, our top electronic medical record systems are affordable and ensure to offer great convenience to all. Would you like to see the demo on how electronic medical records management works? Contact us today and we are open to discussing everything about our innovation.