The existing relationship between patients and medical practitioners does not support the patient and his rights to own his/her medical records. Patients often do not question where their medical records reside, who owns them, how long they are kept for and how often they get exchanged. 

Now more than ever, patients are deeply concerned about who owns and holds their medical records. Patient health electronic systems in most hospitals are not patient-friendly. According to Forbes, patients who have tried to access their data, shared unpleasant experiences as patients’ electronic health systems, in most hospitals, are not designed to support patients and give them access to their medical and electronic health records.

It is also worth noting that paper-based records, often used in low-end hospitals and in developing countries are usually disorganized, improperly handled, improperly disposed or could be easily lost.

My Medical Records aims to address these issues and provide the patient with an online medical repository that is reliable, accessible anytime anywhere in the World and most importantly gives patients the right to access their medical records and decide who should view these records and when.

Electronic Medical & Health Record System For Patients

Are you seeking for electronic patient record system, that must be rich in features and responds immediately? With our vigorous patient record system get ready to collect quantitative data as well as to keep it forever to access, share and overlook anytime.

Numerous hospitals and health systems are facing issues with record maintenance and keeping for a longer period of time, but now they don’t need to worry about anything. With our patient record system, everything will be recorded digitally – no paper is needed and this will keep there for years. Our strenuous electronic patient record system not only helps to keep the records safe and secured online but also improves clinician experience and provides quality patient care.

Try our patient electronic health records today and check how easy they will offer to all medical practitioners to the patients.