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My Medical Records was founded with the vision that ownership of medical health records should be with individual patients, who have the right to access these medical records, store them and share them as they see fit. With this fundamental principle, the founders of My Medical Records sought to establish a unique and user-friendly health records management platform that anyone can use to safely store all kinds of medical records electronically and share them with the click of a button all in cyberspace. The future of medical records management has begun.

The idea behind My Medical Records started with two frequent travellers who, along with their families, lived and worked in multiple countries around the world. A nagging problem for them throughout was having access to their (and their family members’) medical records as they move around between different private clinics, hospitals, and medical laboratories in different countries. For example, leaving the UK to live abroad, they felt stuck because all their medical records remain with the British National Health Service (NHS) and they cannot easily refer to them in case of chronic health conditions (e.g. diabetes, heart conditions).

Also, living in the Gulf, they discovered that every clinic, lab or hospital uses its own system and it becomes complicated to even share medical records within the same country. With copies of reports, lab test results and imaging scattered between papers, CDs and random emails, the ownership of medical records becomes more complex and challenging. Our founders discovered that this is a common problem for many of their friends and family members around the world. Hence, our Medical Records story born.

Our founders
Ali Hafiz

Ali Hafiz

In a highly digital and interconnected world, we should exploit technological advances to make it easy for you and me to access and share all kinds of medical health records. My kids’ vaccination records, my wife’s pregnancy monitoring tests, my father’s previous MRIs, now I have control and ownership of all of this. My Medical Records can make life easier for a lot of people.

Mohamed Fayed

Mohamed Fayed

For me, My Medical Records is a huge step forward in the world of healthcare. Everyone should be able to own and store their medical records in a digital form and easily share them with doctors anywhere in the world. This is our vision for My Medical Records platform.

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